Hospital Cover

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Hospital Cover


What is a Hospital Cover?

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Should I have hospital cover?

Living the life you love means freedom from worrying about what might happen if you’re injured in an accident or need to spend time in a hospital. Medical Cover provides extra financial support for you 24/7 worldwide, covering a range of injuries from broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on your life. You’ll also be covered if you have to spend time in a hospital and, with our extended cover options, you can protect your children as well.
Medical Cover provides you with a range of cover from £7 to £35 per month, depending on your needs, giving you the confidence to live the life you love.

General points to note

Medical Cover is available to people aged 18 years old up to their 60th birthday. Cover ends on your 70th birthday or sooner if:
– you’re no longer a UK resident
– a payment of accidental total permanent disablement benefit is made in respect of you
– you die
– you change your occupation to one which we do not provide cover for (you must notify us of any change to your occupation)
• Children covered under Child Cover must be aged between six months and 18 years (23 years if unmarried and in full-time education)
• A child must be a UK resident to be eligible for cover but does not have to live at home
• UK Healthcare Worker Cover is for clinical healthcare workers only

Flexible cover when you need it

Medical Cover provides financial support for a range of specified accidental injuries and UK hospital stays. You can claim for multiple injuries and your policy will continue to protect you in the future.

Getting you back on your feet

You will receive UK hospital cover for every 24 hours you spend as an in-patient as the result of an accident. Once you’ve had your policy for 12 months, you can also claim for time spent in hospital due to sickness.

Peace of mind

Accidental death and funeral cover, to provide peace of mind if the worst happens.

Great value

Cover starts from as little as £7 to £35 per month, depending on the level of protection you choose. Plus, the cost of your cover won’t change when you make a claim or as you get older.
We can provide you with cover, whatever your circumstances, and we won’t ask you any health questions, no matter your age or health condition. You can take out this policy from 18 years old up to your 60th birthday and can continue to cover up until your 70th.


What’s not covered

• We don’t cover psychiatric illness, depression, mental or stress-related conditions
• We don’t cover certain sports e.g. mountaineering and rock climbing, or contests of speed e.g. horse racing or motocross competitions
• We don’t cover professional sports people
• A broken bone means a break to a bone, caused by accidental means, which can be evidenced by x-ray or other suitable clinical diagnosis. The nose is specifically excluded
• Total permanent disablement (TPD) covers only accidental injuries
• Hospitalisation claims will be considered only if the hospital is in the UK and the stay is more than 24 hours, up to a maximum of 90 days per condition
• We do not cover hospital stays due to optional surgery e.g. cosmetic surgery isn’t covered
• We do not cover hospital stays due to pregnancy-related issues, as this is not considered a sickness.

We believe that having the confidence to live your life to the full is essential. We can’t predict the future but we can help you ensure you have a financial safety net if things don’t go to plan.
We offer a unique approach to protection. With years of experience of helping people like you, we can help to close the gap in protection that many don’t even realise they have.